de La Tierra Coffee

Saya Mawar Tresna, alumni Angkatan 1993, punya usaha UMKM namanya PT. Tierra Dama Jaya di Jl Buncit Raya Pulo no 8, Jakarta Selatan.

1. BALI KINTAMANI Belantih Double Wash 15 g – Drip Bag Rp 12.000,00
Belantih Double Wash 200 GR Rp 85.000,00
Maheswari Natural Anaerobic 15 g – Drip Bag Rp 12.000,00
Maheswari Natural Anaerobic 200 GR Rp 95.000,00,

2. GAYO AVATARA Maceration Honey Hydro 15 g – Drip Bag Rp12.000,00
Maceration Honey Hydro 200 GR Rp 90.000,00
Wet Hull 15 g – Drip Bag Rp 12.000,00 Wet Hull 200 GR Rp 80.000,00,

3. JAVA PREANGER Kartika 15 g – Drip Bag Rp12.000,00
Kartika 200 GR Rp 110.000,00
Natural 15 g – Drip Bag Rp 12.000,00
Natural 200 GR Rp 85.000,00,

4. SUMATRA PREMIUM ROBUSTA Petik Merah Premium Robusta 15 g – Drip Bag Rp 12.000,00
Petik Merah Premium Robusta 200 gr Rp 75.000,00.
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Rp. 12.000,-

Drip Bag Single Origin Coffee

Drip Bag Single Origin Coffee.

Rp. 12.000,-

Bali Kintamani

Bali Kintamani. A fresh sour like citrus (citrusy) is the most recognized Characteristic of Bali Kintamani Coffee. The body of Kintamani Bali Coffee is also fairly moderate, and the low acidity level makes this coffee certainly suitable for those of you who don’t like coffee.

Rp. 12.000,-

Gayo Avatara

Gayo Avatara. Much to the favor of the fertile volcanic soil, Gayo delivers a distinct and unique coffee quality, and characterized by the floral notes such as black tea to dried-fruit, though still much in touch with the classic and notable Sumatran Arabica spicy characteristics, consisting the likes of ginger, clove, and lemongrass.

Rp. 12.000,-

Java Preanger

Java Preanger. The Java Arabica Preanger coffee is top-quality, with a unique taste that is characterized by uniformly clean, sweet, flavorsome components, and a good balance of acidity. It has a strong aroma that is heavily nuanced (flowery, floral, herbal, fruity, spicy and very sweet).